Ph.D. course / workshop: Democratizing Science 13-14. December

The general topic of the course/workshop is the democratization of science and the social sciences in particular: To what extent, and in what ways, should science, and in particular the social sciences, be democratized so that it is not only the scientists who make all the decisions?

This issue raises the following sorts of question:

First, what aspects of doing science should – to some extent –be democratized? Is it the choice of research topics? The methods used? The kind of data collected? The interpretation of these data? The theory that these data are taken to support? Or the application of the findings? It is possible to hold that one or several of these aspects of the scientific process should be democratized.

Second, what is to be understood by democratization? For instance, does it suggest that democratically elected politicians should decide, or at least have a say on, what scientists do research on or the kind of data to be collected? Or does it signify that the people under study should be involved in, and be allowed to have an impact on, various aspects of the scientific process? Or does it mean that the public (whatever that exactly means) should, to some degree, participate in certain aspects of scientific research?

Third, why hold that science should be democratized? Is it because this would result in better or higher-quality science? Or are there moral grounds for holding that they should be democratized? And if so, what are these? Or….?

On December 13, there will be presentations by PhD-students followed by comments by senior researchers.

On December 14, there will be presentations by invited speakers on the topic of the democratization of science and, in particular, the social sciences. The invited speakers are: Finn Collin (University of Copenhagen), Hanne Andersen (University of Aarhus), Klemens Kappel (University of Copenhagen), Kristina Rolin (Helsinki School of Economics), Søren Harnov (University of Southern Denmark), and Hans Radder (VU University Amsterdam). The program for the workshop will be announced later.

Registration deadline for the Ph.D.-course (which includes both December 13 and 14) is November 15. For more information about the Ph.D.-course, see

Registration deadline for the Friday workshop only is December 1.

For further inquiries, contact Stine Djørup –


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