Dorte Marie Søndergaard: “Bringing matter, discourse and subjectification together in empirical analyses: Butler and Barad revisited”

In this talk, I suggest and discuss a number of theoretical-analytical approaches that will allow a bringing together of phenomena as diverse as discourse, materiality, bodies and subjectivity in the analyses of complex social phenomena and gendered entanglements. I will move very quickly from mainstream/a realist tradition in gender research into the conceptual frameworks of Judith Butler and then to Karen Barad and her agential realism – to seek inspiration for potential practices of questioning vis-a-vis our research areas. Both Butler and Barad offer very abstract conceptual frameworks. Therefore, as researchers with empirical obligations, it takes some effort to make the philosophical concepts translate into empirical analyses. In the talk I cannot go all the way in terms of translating the abstract conceptualizations into specific analytical steps and ways to produce and handle data. Instead, I will mainly concentrate on research perspectives.

The talk will be given in English. We can continue the discussion in Danish.


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